SPEED  Max 2,5m/sec
STOPS  Up to 32
OPERATION  Full Collective, duplex


NEW high-tech lift controller of “EL.CO Micro” product series with VVVF for traction lifts.

EL.CO MICRO lift controller is our most advanced solution for multi-level structures and high range lift applications. Covering up to 32 stops and 2,5m/sec, EL.CO MICRO lift controller provides flexibility for single or groups of lifts (duplex, triplex, etc.)

The philosophy behind the design of EL.CO MICRO lift controller, is the high value-for-money that is accomplished by the optimal use of the available resources, mainly the powerful 32bit ARM microcontroller which provides top level performance and safety. Additionally, the “longlife design concept” of EL.CO MICRO lift controller is minimizing the industrial relays used and maximizes the reliability of your lifts.

With EL.CO MICRO lift controller, the installation process becomes even easier with the simple parameters setting through the user friendly menu that appears on the programming unit on the lift controller’s main board. Alternatively, the programming can be done through a pc or a modem.

The use of SG-BUS and CAN bus protocols in EL.CO MICRO lift control panel, allow the elimination of tens of cables that otherwise would have to be installed, thus cutting in parts and time, while providing a more reliable system overall.

The EL.CO MICRO lift control system has been designed for 1 or 2 speeds traction machines, V.V.V.F with synchronous (gearless) or asynchronous motors and hydraulic direct, delta/star start or soft starter.




Why you should choose EL.CO Micro

  1. 1
    Powerful 32bit ARM microcontroller
  2. 2
    Longlife product design
  3. 3
    Compact size
  4. 4
    Intelligent diagnostics
  5. 5
    Easy installation


European Standards

  • Manufactured with branded and certified raw materials
  • EMC tested and verified
  • Certified with CE
  • Compatible with European standards and Directives for Lifts
    EN 81-1/2, EC 95/16, EN 81/70, EN 81/28, EN 12015, EN 12016, EN 50178, PUBEL
  • User friendly manual for installation, wiring and tuning
  • 2 years warranty

Cabinet Dimensions



(Width x Height x Depth)
 3,7KW-7,5KW L1000A 52 x 88 x 30 cm


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  • Electric type with V.V.V.F. for synchronous (gearless) or asynchronous motors
  • Up to 32 stops
  • Speed: Up to 2,5 m/sec
  • 32bit ARM 72MHz controller
  • Mini USB
  • Serial Communication (Can bus, lin bus, uart)
  • Full Collective, Down Collective, Non selective-collective, Duplex-Triplex operation
  • Simultaneous operation of two or three automatic doors without magnetic sensors
  • Long life time for all utility relays
  • Interface panel with LED’s that permits you to check the status of the lift at a glance
  • External programmer for adjusting parameters with password access
  • English language menu options
  • Auxiliary 12 VDC output (UPS) 1A
  • Intelligent battery charger
  • V.V.V.F. control from the lift controller (recognizes and records failures)
  • Environment temperature control and relay to control the phase sequence included on the controller
  • Motor temperature control
  • Real time clock
  • Lift diagnostics – saves the last 100 errors to facilitate maintenance and repair
  • Ground leakage is controlled in two levels, instant and continuous.
  • Three-phase operator for sequence, voltage and symmetry
  • Εlectronic protected from short circuits all inputs and outputs from the main board
  • Feedback from main conductors and motor brakes
  • Automatic rescue operation with UPS (optional)

Microsoft Word - ELCO_MICRO_Mechanical_EN_intro.doc Monofyllo_Micro_VVVF_Aopsi
Click here to download the product’s CE certificate  Click here to download the product’s brochure
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SgBus_Syndesmologia Prewiring SG-VOICE
Serial Communication
System SG BUS
SG_Radio Revision_GM650 Revision_PIT_STOP
Car Top Inspection
Box GM650
Car Top Inspection
Box GM412

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