Pre-Wiring Shaft


The shaft’s pre-wiring of Sta.Ge HELLAS includes spare parts and lift components produced by reputable suppliers of global brands of electronics (Car Top inspection box and pit stop Giovenzana, magnetic switches Carlo Gavvazi, connectors 3M, Weidmuller terminal blocks, etc.).

The pre-wired electrical installation includes:
  • The wiring with connectos
  • The canals
  • All the mounting parts of the electrical installation
  • Marking in all components of the plait (for easy and quick installation)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Certified raw materials from reputable suppliers (Carlo Gavazzi, Giovenzana, 3M, Weidmuller, etc.)
  • Complete electronic test procedure not only of plait but the entire system (joints, junctions, etc.)
  • Fast and easy trouble-shooting
  • Modern production machines of plaits
  • Minimum requirements for specialized personnel
  • In Stock materials for plait manufacturing
Technical Features
  • From 3 up to 12 stops
  • Safety circuit (door contacts-locks) with continuous wiring (without connectors)
  • Electronic test prosedures and test reports (through a specialized software) certify the proper functioning
  • Portable car top inspection box
  • Junction box with pcb
  • Marking in all components of the plait
  • Compliance with lift directives
Pre-Wiring List

For the Machine Room

  • Control Panel
  • Input Power Cables
  • Power Unit Cables

For the Shaft

  • Shaft Cables
  • Shaft Canal
  • Pit Stop
  • Limit & Prelimit switches
  • LOPS
  • Shaft Lights
  • Shaft Light Switch

For the Car

  • COP
  • Travelling Cables + holder of travelling cables
  • Junction box pre-wiring
  • Revision box with 2m. cable
  • Magnetic Sensors & holder of magnets
  • Lamp car top
Branded & Certified raw Materials

Pre Wiring Brands

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