RED-H Automatic Rescue Device


Automatic Rescue device  PLUG and PLAY
for Hydraulic lifts.

Technical Features

  • Fast installation : it works like a UPS for the control panel
  • Single size, 24Vdc battery powered, 400Vac, 400VA
  • It can work also for single phase lifts powered at 230Vac, 400 VA
  • It can be supplied as a full solution with box, batteries and elevator transformer or as a single board with integrated battery charger

Why using RED-H?

  • Very fast installation with the optional mounting kit
  • It can be supplied for existing lifts (COMPLETE PRODUCT) and for installation directly inside the control panel (RED-H BOARD)
  • The special battery charger, regulated in voltage and current, and the choice of fit batteries guarantees an high reliability even after long inactivity time

Dimensios: Length: 135mm / Width: 320mm
Height: 365mm / Weight: 18kg (without batteries)

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