A very sophisticated and well designed PCB which offers elegance to the lift installation, supporting any audio announcing to the passengers’ cabin. With the added-on features, can cover floor stop messages, radio music during the travel, special advertisement messages in different languages and high music quality from a plenty of memory stored music MP3 files. With an 8 positions DIP switch, the user can make adjustments for the operation of the board, like assignment of underground floors, semi-floor, language selection, music from radio receiver (optional) or from memory card and others. A 1W audio amplifier with adjustable audio volume is responsible for adequate audio covering of cabin’s area, even if it is crowded. This board is ideal for a cheap but quality add-on to any old installation since it is an independent plug ‘n’ play device.

Technical Features

  • Modern design for high quality audio reproduction of music, radio and announcing messages.
  • Covers all demands of any installation for addressing floor announcements with supported grey code inputs for up to 16 stops or one-to-one inputs for up to 8 stops.
  • Data retention into a micro-SD flash card with a maximum of 64GB storage capability.
  • Built-in MP3 decoder offers a perfect fidelity for music reproduction.
  • 1W audio amplifier covers the needs of a crowded cabin, with adjustable audio volume.
  • Optional FM receiver supports radio music covering during cabin’s travels.
  • User can make adjustments for specific operation of the board through a DIP option switch
  • Fast and easy installation in any lift controller
Power supply Operating voltage: 12~24V V AC ~DC
Maximum current absorption: 100mA
Audio Output: 1W at 8Ω
Storage Memory: Up to 2GB micro-SD flash card
Messages General: Floor announcement messages, advertisements, special announcements
Music: Stored MP3 music files, Radio music stations
FM Receiver Band: 87.5-108MHz, digital search and station storing, station memory retention upon power failure
Inputs Grey Code: Optocoupled, up to 16 stops
One-to-one: Optocoupled, up to 8 stops
Special: Optocoupled gong input


Fast and Easy installation
in any Lift Controller !

sg voice radio

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