RED-R Automatic Rescue Device


Automatic rescue device for lifts for motors
up to 150A, can bring the car to any desired floor.

Technical Features

  • Easier and faster installation due to a new working principle.
  • Available in 5 sizes for current up to 150A: AC or DC motors.
  • It can drive 1 or 2 of door operator with nominal voltage,current and frequency.
  • It drives the brake opening and closing.
  • Any single component can be bought to build the emergency device directly inside the control panel.

Width: 402mm / Height: 564mm / Depth: 247,5mm
Weight: 23kg

Why using RED-R?

  • Its versatility makes installation possibile in any kind of lift
  • Cabling is reduced to minimum thanks to the new working principle
  • Very fast installation with the optional mounting kit
  • Main inverter provides a perfectly sinusoidal current without harmonics
  • The special battery charger, regulated in voltage and current, and the choice of fit batteries guarantees an high reliability even after long inactivity time

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